Windows Systems Administrator III



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Mitch Forrest

Job Type:

Full Time

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Job Summary:

Job Functions:

Install and Configure Windows Servers
  • Install and set up Windows systems and servers. 
  • Develop servers and provide support to individual users to ensure that the system works reliably and quickly. 
  • Answer user questions throughout the setup and installation process. 
  • Build the server’s back-end architecture, including databases and scripts for specific applications and user needs.
  • Maintaining appropriate permissions to files shares.
  • Setting up and maintaining Active Directory user accounts and access management systems.
Provide Technical Support and Guidance
  • Provide technical support and guidance to users and other administrators. 
  • Works closely with IT departments and professionals to answer technical questions or resolve issues with server performance and access. 
  • Install and maintain Windows-based programs for end users and help debug these applications so that they work with Windows servers.
Perform System Maintenance
  • Conduct system maintenance activities, usually on the server back end. 
  • Review error logs and user-reported errors and identify stable and reliable solutions. 
  • Work directly with the system’s code base to make necessary changes and then deploy those changes throughout the server.
Monitor System Performance
  • Monitor performance to reduce interruptions and server crashes. 
  • Monitor daily traffic logs and reports working directly with end users. 
  • Develop and deploy proactive solutions to ensure system usability across the organization.
Create System Backups
  • Perform system backups according to company or industry standards. 
  • Back up systems weekly, daily, or more frequently depending on server space and a particular business’ needs. 
  • Ensure that systems can be quickly recovered after a crash or other outage and support data integrity by ensuring that vital information is not lost during an outage.
Maintain System Security
  • Maintain system security by working with a 3rd party security team addressing issues that are brought forward by their security team.
  • Ensure a regular patch schedule to mitigate possible security risks.
  • Maintain AV system on all servers to ensure proper server functionality while ensuring protection



  • Previous experience as a Windows system administrator.
  • Extensive knowledge of Active Directory concepts 
  • Knowledge of Windows Server operating systems, storage environments, file systems, and network protocols.
  • Detailed knowledge of Windows principles, file editing, PowerShell commands, and file manipulation.
  • Knowledge of Group Policy deployment
  • Familiarity with Windows, UNIX, LINUX, and LINUX shell scripting.
  • Knowledge of networking principles including routing, subnets, TCP, IP, VLANs, and UDP.
  • Understanding of backup procedures and storage management.
  • In-depth knowledge of computer hardware systems including expansion cards, memory modules, and processors.
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills.

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