Forensic Quality Genome Sequencing For Investigative Genetic Genealogy (IGG)

Obtain genetic information from forensic evidence that has failed or is not eligible for testing with other labs.

Looking for a solution for DNA evidence that is contaminated, has limited amounts of DNA, or is highly degraded?

Gene by Gene can help you with difficult evidence through our forensic quality genome sequencing services created specifically for IGG.

Discover Evidence & Access Genetic Information In Your Most Difficult Cases

Forensic Quality Services

Case review and consultation free of charge.

Lab testing is performed in-house by our experienced team of experts. Full laboratory internal chain of custody.

Includes bioinformatics to generate a SNP profile that is compatible with GEDmatch

Includes upload into FamilyTreeDNA’s database of over 2 million testers at no additional cost.

Why Gene by Gene?

We are experts in the field of genetics and IGG.

Our CAP and CLIA certified laboratory has performed genetic testing services for over 15 years.

As the pioneers of IGG, we are trusted among industry leaders.

Cost-effective, our pricing can’t be beaten.

Owners of FamilyTreeDNA, Gene By Gene’s direct-to-consumer ancestry testing company.

Dedicated team with a superior level of expertise in the IGG field.

Submit a Case for Review or Learn More

Case submission starts with a review of the case and the evidence.  Gene By Gene’s team of experts will review your case file and provide an evaluation of the suitability of the sample prior to testing.  To submit a case for review or to learn more about our services, please complete the following form.

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