Personalize Your Medication

The myDNA Psychotropic Pharmacogenomic (PGx) test can help your clinician understand how your DNA might impact your response to specific mental health medications.

What is the myDNA
Psychotropic Test?

Our response to medications can differ, for example, one antidepressant may work well for one individual but be ineffective or cause problematic side effects for another.

The myDNA Psychotropic test is a pharmacogenomics (PGx) test that looks at how your genes can affect your response to some commonly prescribed mental health medications. Your results are provided to your clinician and may provide valuable information to help them further personalize your treatment to best suit you.

Talk to Your
Healthcare Provider

Interested in taking the myDNA test? myDNA testing can only be ordered by a registered clinician. If you are interested in learning more, consult with your healthcare provider.

The Benefits

May help reduce the risk of experiencing medication side effects.
By assessing certain genetic markers, your risk of possible side effects can be predicted, even prior to starting the medication. This can help your clinician personalize dosage and choice of medication.

May reduce some of the guesswork around medication selection.
PGx testing may help to reduce some of the “trial and error,” which can be involved in prescribing medications. The myDNA test provides your clinician with information that can further assist them in prescribing you an effective medication sooner, potentially saving you time and money.

Results last a lifetime.
The test results presented in the report will assist your clinician, now and in the future, to decide if one of the covered medications is right for you.