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Our lab is fully certified by the AABB and NYSDOH and is included on the U.S. Department of State’s approved supplier list for immigration testing.

Immigration DNA Testing

We offer DNA testing services to assist with the immigration process between the United States and countries around the world. Our staff has experience working with embassies in many countries and provide fast and accurate results.

Our benefits include:

Dedicated Case Manager – Each of our clients are provided with an experienced and caring professional who will work with them to offer guidance throughout the entire testing process.

Painless Sample Collection – The most utilized sample collection method is the non-invasive buccal swab. However, if your embassy requires blood, we also work with blood stain cards.


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Paternity Testing

The most trusted DNA testing service for legal purposes and personal peace of mind. We provide you an easy-to-use DNA collection kit that contains everything you need to collect DNA samples, including instructions and a return envelope to send samples back to our laboratory.

Test types:

Court Admissible DNA Test: Change the name on the birth certificate or to obtain child support and other benefits.

If you need the test only for personal knowledge, we provide a Peace of Mind DNA Test.


Court Admissible Test: $425.00

Peace of Mind Test (Personal): $189.00

Maternity Testing

Maternity DNA testing determines whether or not a woman could be the biological mother of a child. Much like a paternity test, it compares a child’s DNA with that of the alleged mother to determine how likely it is that the child has inherited the DNA from the alleged mother.

Results may be used in the following circumstances:

Confirm that an adoptee has been reunited with his/her birth mother.

Prove biological relationships in an immigration case.

To resolve situations in which mothers or hospital staff suspect that a baby mix-up has occurred in the nursery.


Court Admissible Test: $475.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to be tested?

The mother, the child, and the alleged father should be tested. We can accurately test without the mother’s sample, but this requires additional analysis that may take a few days longer to complete.

What kind of sample does Gene By Gene need?

Gene By Gene uses a cheek swab sample since it is easy to obtain, completely non-invasive, painless, and just as accurate as blood samples.

How accurate are the tests at Gene By Gene?

If the DNA of the alleged father and child match, the probability that he is the biological father is typically over 99.999%. If there are mismatches between the DNA of the alleged father and child, he is 100% excluded from being the biological father.

What if the parties live in different states?

Gene By Gene will arrange to have all parties' samples collected near where they live. All of the samples will be coordinated as one case when they arrive at our laboratory.

How should I pay for my tests?

You may pay with a cashier’s check, money order, VISA, or MasterCard.

What should I bring to a collection appointment?

Adults must present a government issued photo ID (i.e. a passport or driver's license), a social security number, a photo copy of the child that is getting their sample taken, and the sample collection fee.

How does the testing work?

A child inherits DNA from the mother’s egg (23 chromosomes) and the father’s sperm (also 23 chromosomes). Each parent contributes one half of the child’s DNA. For each location (“locus,” plural “loci”) in a chromosome pair, there is a specific DNA sequence. A DNA parentage test works by identifying the specific DNA sequences for multiple loci in the mother, child, and father. If the mother and father are the parents of the child, the two DNA sequences at each locus in the child’s chromosome must have been inherited from each parent. By determining these DNA sequences, paternity or other familial relationships can be established.

What if I need to test more than one person?

You can test additional parties, charges apply.

How will results be displayed?

The test results will be mailed to you or a designee per the Authorization form that you fill out when registering your kit.

Are the results confidential?

Your results are held in the strictest confidence and released only to tested parties. You may designate a third party to receive results. You will need to fill out the Authorization form completely to ascertain proper results delivery.

What if there are two alleged fathers who are related?

If a child has two possible fathers who are related, it is preferable to test both possible fathers. If this is not possible, it is important to let the lab know that there are other possible fathers who are related to the tested alleged father.

Can my DNA be used for ancestral research?

We do not test ancestry with the parentage test. If you are interested in ancestry testing, please visit our genealogy site.

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