About Us

It is our mission to stay ahead of the curve by constantly building our infrastructure, laboratory, and methods.

As pioneers in the field, we want to empower everyone to make decisions on their genetic health by developing affordable high-quality genetic testing services.

Our Journey

Gene by Gene was founded.

The Gene By Gene Story

Gene By Gene was founded in 2000, specializing in DNA-based ancestry and genealogy as FamilyTreeDNA. The first company of its kind, FamilyTreeDNA captured the hearts of genealogy enthusiasts and to this day remains one of the leading companies in the field. Our expertise in this field has led to many prestigious relationships along the way, including an exclusive partnership as the testing provider for National Geographic’s Genographic Project.

Through FamilyTreeDNA, Gene By Gene built an incredible laboratory and an incredible staff of experts. By 2011, it only made sense to expand the scope of capabilities into the medical and research fields. Through this expansion, clinicians and patients have had access to an entire suite of clinical and research genetic tests.

Laboratory Excellence

With a team of leaders and technicians from leading institutions and a wealth of experience, our team can tackle every aspect of the wet-lab.

Clinical Market Expertise

In addition to our hands-on laboratory and analysis experts, we have the medical and clinical domain knowledge to guarantee that your tests are handled in a safe and compliant manner. Your results are generated with as much attention to detail as you expect. Coupled with our business team and understanding of how to deliver tests that address your specific needs, we deliver the ultimate experience.

Bioinformatics Technology

Our staff includes computer scientists and bioinformaticians with very complementary skill sets who can handle all of the data analysis and make sure that we deliver meaningful results from all our tests.

Accreditations for Molecular Pathology & Relationship Testing

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